Replacement of glance panels in Jira's new issue view

Are groups per app or based on some other category?
What will determine group order?

Hey @boris - groups will be per app.
Initially, we will have a set order for grouping, but our long term vision is to make this configurable by admins from the layout configuration page so they can re-order as they wish

So in the last couple of years, we went from:

Top navigation → Side navigation → Top navigation, and
Apps in the sidebar → Issue glance → Apps in the sidebar

Apologies, but this feels like we are just going in circles and burning working hours.

While these changes look easy to adopt, I think we cannot forget all the downstream work that is caused by these changes:

  • for vendors a UI concept developed for an issue glance may not work the same way for collapsible groups
  • updating documentation again
  • re-training and re-educating users

just to name a few things.


Hi @tbinna
Thanks for the feedback. Apps will still remain in the side bar, that is not changing. But we are evolving the design pattern for these. I understand that this does cause downstream work, hence our 6 month deprecation period.

If you have concerns about how your app UI will work in a collapsible group, i’d love to jump on a call to understand a bit more and for you to run me through some of your challenges.

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Thanks for the quick follow-up, Loretta. We will first have to test it out when it is ready and see how it works in the updated UI. I do believe we will be able to make it work, but the message I wanted to send was that I feel there is no consistency in Atlassian’s design decisions.

Mid/end of last year we were considering re-working our issue glance design but when we noticed that the sidebar design is changing again we gave it up. As it turns out today, that was the right decision.


Hello @LorettaBrunette,

Thanks a lot for the heads-up!

Will this also affect the assetPanels Jira connect module? It renders just like an issue glance.

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What a great change, thank you.
Even if we are implementing a workaround for the current behaviour using jiraIssueContents, this change should be more helpful for the customers

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@LorettaBrunette - since you’re making changes to this part of the UI, can we get a way to show more than 1 badge when the panel is collapsed?

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thanks for the suggestion @ademoss - the heading in the new grouping pattern is limited to one line so we would need to explore how we cap the number of badges etc. It’s not a request I have heard before but we can consider exploring it in the future if we do get more feedback on this

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Hi @BenRomberg - no, the assetPanels Jira connect module won’t be affected with this release but it is something we will look into shortly

@LorettaBrunette - does this change enable apps to have multiple panels in the sidebar?

Hi @ademoss - no, each app will have one group/expandable, similar to how glances work today

@LorettaBrunette - any particular reason for that limit?

Also, does this change mean an app can no longer trigger a glance (which would be shown as the entire sidebar)? Or will that still be possible?

@LorettaBrunette for what it’s worth, we would also be interested in having multiple groups for a single app. It would make it much easier for customers to handle our glance

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hi @ademoss - for our initial release, we will be matching the behaviour of glances where there is a 1-1 relationship - we made this decision because we don’t want customers with multiple add ons to be overwhelmed with too many groups/expandables (as the customer may already have up to 4 groups appearing with their other issue fields). We also want to avoid users needing to click and collapse groups as they search for the field they are interested in.
In saying that, I would be interested in understanding more about your app and use cases as it’s not something we are against exploring in the future

And correct, apps will no longer be able to trigger a glance, we will be deprecating these in favour of groups/expands

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hey - it would be great to learn more about your app and use cases for multiple groups, even though this is out of scope at the moment, we are open to exploring it in a future release

Hi @LorettaBrunette
Having the ability to add multiple groups for a single app would be great and improve UX for some use cases. I’d be happy to discuss this further when it suits you best!

Hi @JulietteLallement - would be great if you could walk us through some of your use cases. Here is my calendly link if you are available to book some time in with myself (and i’ll invite some of the team)

hey - just realised i forgot to add my calendly link to my reply. Here it is, would be great if you have time to run us through your use cases for multiple groups

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