Report: Effort/Project/Stories/Releases/Tasks Status Roll-ups based on deadlines


Before I get farther with the REST API, I need to ask the experts whether this is even possible:

  1. A report created and viewable within Jira Software Cloud.
  2. The overall status of a project, or “Epics” based on whether any of the task or other deadlines are currently exceeded. Later, if they are no done, and approaching X days, they will be ‘in jeopardy’).
  3. At each level, the status of that level is the WORST of all those “beneath” it.

It seems Jira doesn’t do well with status/exec dashboards, giving someone a quick way to see what is not at risk, and which have exceeded their deadlines-at all levels.

I understand I may need to manually identify which projects belong with which larger efforts, and that it might be done easier with a 3rd party app, which can inspect each project for identifiers/codes, etc. if needed.

-So you wold end of with a top level of all efforts (for lack of better word). Under it are all the projects for this effort.
-This would have a status of on-time IF all things below it are on target (deadline unmet).
-If just ONE task/release/project/etc. is overdue, that project (and as a result it’s parent effort) are also red (overdue).
-Digging down, each level has it’s items sorted by due date, with overdue/due soonest by deadline first.
-You can traverse a ‘tree’, effectively, to drill down to what the problem is, and us notices, chats, etc. as normal.

Does a 3rd party app need to be written to do this, and then push the report periodically to Jira for presentation?
Can Jira do this itself, say calculating hourly, on-demand, etc.?
Is this concept beyond what Jira can do and/or meant to do?


P.S. The other posts that are not that close just point to generic starting tutorials.

HI @PatTrainor,

This looks like the kind of functional area that an app could be developed to fulfil.