Request to add spaceKey property in the response for children entities of a space

With V.2 the space.Key is not provided in child resources such as Page, Blogpost etc.
Since space.Key was present in V.1 we built our app around it. We have a dependency on the space key to reference child resources to a given space. For us, this change would make V.2 a backward incompatible API.

Is it possible to add this critical information to the child resources of Space resource (Page, Blogpost, Template, etc…)?

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Totally agree with @ParthRewind we need a space key as well.
Tried to convince Atlassian team at AppWeek in Berlin… but as far as I know there is no publicly facing improvement request created :frowning:


Hi @ParthRewind ,

Not having the space key is intentional, as the space key is user generated content related to the space, and thus accessing it from other endpoints would require those endpoints to acknowledge they access space data, which is what we are avoiding with the structure of the V2 endpoints. Since you are just using it for referencing, we’d suggest working on migrating over to using space ids where possible as that reference.

Currently you are already retuning the space key in a way, under _links in the field webui:


It would only make sense to include it as a dedicated field.

Also it should be possible to use the space key as parameter e.g. like this:


Or in the body of e.g. a Create blog post call.

If anyone knows which key points to which space, it is Confluence. The space key is a unique identifier after all. It should not be an apps responsibility to map from key to id before making the actual call.

Edit: Just remembered that a space key can be all numbers, so the space key as path parameter could cause collisions. But it would still be great to use it in the body of a Create blog post call.

:wave: @t.bundt - thanks for the feedback here! For the reasons above, we are moving over to using the space ID as the identifier for a space, instead of the space key.

Some places, we need to return space key - such as the example noted above for the webui link. I realize this is a bit weird, as we are not making it a dedicated field, but it is being returned. In the future, the space key could be removed from this link.

However, we do not currently plan to start returning the space key as a dedicated field. I apologize but hope this additional context helps!