Request type fields API not showing hidden fields

I am trying to display a properties panel based on whether a custom field type has been added. The custom field type can only be set as a hidden field since it is a forge custom field type. I was hoping that the Get Request Type Fields api request would return the hidden fields and allow me to generate my create property panel based on that. As per the docs, hidden fields would only show when logged in as a service desk admin. I am logged in with my account and have system admin rights and project admin rights but the api request returns only the visible fields. Is this a bug? Or is there something wrong with my rights?

Do you have the read:servicedesk-request scope added to your app?

Sorry, I was not clear about this. The Create Property Panel Module is a connect module and I am using ACE to run the server that hosts the module. Here according to the docs, I need to have the READ scope for connect apps. Would it make any difference to run it as connect-on-forge app?

got it, I had the request written with the parameter ‘?expand=[hiddenFields]’ rather than ‘?expand=hiddenFields’