Resolve accountId to human readable in jql


We are developing an App which uses JQLs.
We could successfully migrate the jql using the jql/pdcleaner api.
Now we want to show the jql in a summarized view as a text, but since it contains accountIds, it is hardly readable for people.

I know there is a JQL editor component in progress (, but this is not what we are looking for because we want to show it as a text.
eg. the jql is like this:
assignee = 557058:d10e692b-e2dc-4506-824e-c093779d6997
and we want to show this:
assignee = user

Is there a solution to “resolve” the uids to something human readable (eg. to Display name)? (Actually this is something like the reverse of the pdCleaner.)
Is there a plan to implement this functionality on Atlassian side, or should we start to implement this?