/rest/api/2/issue/picker?query= strange behavior

We recently made a little API tool to help with some issue tracking with our Launch Darkly integration and I am getting odd behavior with https://ayadev.atlassian.net/rest/api/2/issue/picker?query=‘xxx’

I can run the request, either from our tool hitting the API or Postman and get no results for certain query values that I know have a matching jira ticket. So I go to jira and search for the same string and can see the result I am looking for. I open the ticket in jira. Then immediately go back to Postman or our tool, with absolutely nothing changed in the API request from the previous run, and now I get a match in the response. Here is an example search that returned nothing

I then searched for BRANDED * TIMECARD * PERMISSIONS in Jira and found my ticket (key FPA-652, id 227127) and open it in my browser. Go back to postman with nothing changed, and now I get my result.

This is affecting our tracking tool because it is indicating that there is no matching ticket when one really does exist. So I have to go into Jira and open every single jira ticket that has a LD linked flag before it will show the correct status in my tool. But as soon as I open it in jira, it starts showing up correctly in the tool.


I figured this out. I guess the picker is designed to only return issues somehow associated with the logged in user (assigned, recently opened, watching, etc.). So makes sense the behavior I was seeing. I updated my query to use rest/api/2/search/?jql=summary~*searchtext and it is working fine now. Hope this helps someone else that is VERY confused about what they are seeing!