Rest API Call Failed with message 401 Unauthorized


I would like to run rest API call from Rest Client , i am using the following link:
https://our of issue

and I am getting Unauthorized message back (401)
So my question are:

  1. where do I need to enter my user and password to get access to the issue I need.
  2. Do I need to send a request for Token number in the call? , if so how to do it.
  3. basically I need to know how it works.

In addition I need to have a the address to get all issues not only a specific one.

Thank you very much.

Welcome to the Atlassian Developer Community, @nireyalsiemenscom!

To learn more about authentication and authorization, please check out this page - this contains different approaches depending on what you are building.

You may use the Search for issues using JQL REST API without passing a jql query parameter to get all the issues. Do note that if you are expecting a lot of issues, this endpoint uses pagination.

Hope this helps.



Thank you for the answer, I tried to run this in Rest client with basic Authentication using my token and I get message back error 401, Unauthorized.

I also tried to run this from my application in Python and get the same error.

I used the token I received from my profile in Jira under Personal Access Token.

In Jira I have full access to view/edit/delete/close issues so not sure why I get this message back.

Appreciate you help.


Hi @nireyalsiemenscom,

In order to help you better, can you share your code snippets calling the endpoint? How did you use the email:apiToken pair for basic authentication?


Hi Ian,

Actually I able to get a response using basic Authentication so that is working for me.
I just want to know if it possible to get s specific value from the issue for example if am asking the status of issue I get a long list back but I only want the "name " attribute of the status.

here is what i am trying to run:
response = requests.get(‘

is it possible to avoid the long list in the response and get only the value for attribute “name”?