REST API Call to update a page returns 501 error

My script loops through a list of XHTML pages and creates/updates pages on our Confluence Server. It was working smoothly earlier. Off late, the loop fails at random places since 501 error is returned.
<Response [501]>
{‘statusCode’: 501, ‘message’: ‘Unable to save changes to unreconciled page ContentId{id=168278392}. Refreshing the page should fix this.’, ‘reason’: ‘Not Implemented’}
Traceback (most recent call last):

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Same thing here, since we upgraded to v7

Is anyone from Atlassian looking into it? It would be greatly appreciated if someone bothers to respond. We are kind of stuck without knowing the cause.

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We are experiencing same issue,

we have a script that posts to confluence via the RESTful API and out of the blue sometimes the server decides to return 501.

Current version - Confluence 7.1.0

Same issue here. A script that checks for pages older than X days and moves them to a different parent folder will fail for random pages with a 501 NotImplemented.

Sometimes rerunning the script makes it work.
Sometimes it works after running it several times.
Sometimes running it manually works.
And if none of those work, I’ve found that moving the page and moving it back will let the script work.
No idea what I’ll do if it carries on failing after this point.

This has only become an issue (that I’m aware of) after updating to V7, currently 7.0.4.

You’re hitting


You don’t have to move pages. Manually refresh all pages that you are trying to update and then run your script. It works for me. Atlassian still needs to fix this issue or at least provide an API to refresh pages temporarily. It will be difficult for us to refresh hundreds of pages manually.