Rest API - Create Issue with custom field

I’m trying to create issues via the API, but I’m having an issue with one of the required custom fields. The custom field (called Due Date Priority, 10126) is a drop down type field.

In the JSON body, I’ve tried supplying the ID, the value of the option, both, etc (example below). But I keep getting the error message:

“customfield_10126”: “Due Date Priority is required.”
I’ve tried the below, trying the value of the option, as well as both together.

"customfield_10126": {
  "id": "{ID of option}"

What syntax is this endpoint looking for to specify a drop down type custom field?

Thank you for the help!

Welcome to the Atlassian developer community @ajfitzsimmons.

Have you tried the ID as an integer without quotes?

Every time I need to figure out how to properly structure the JSON for fields, I end up consulting Advanced Field Editing JSON. To this day, I don’t know why it’s a support document, not in the Jira API docs.

Thank you @ibuchanan!

I tried without quotes previously, but looking again, I realized it was on the wrong side of the closing bracket of the fields property… duh. At least I got a new error!

So it turns out that the ID needs to be in quotations, I got an error when treating it as an integer.

Sorry for the trouble, I can’t believe I didn’t double check, too many }'s in a row I guess. Thank you for your help! And I’ve bookmarked that document, thanks again!

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