REST API endpoints for users authenticated with OAuth outside my internal organization are not working

I have a SAAS product webapp called that has a Jira integration where the user signs in with Atlassian account using OAuth flow with certain scope permissions such as manage:jira-configuration in order to create projects and issues on the user’s behalf. The OAuth login and rest api calls work fine with users internal to my organization. When I changed the distribution to sharing on the Atlassian developer console to take it public, it still works fine for users internal to my original organization. The problem comes when I try to log in with an email/Atlassian account external to my organization - user can still log in with OAuth flow and make a request to ‘myself’ endpoint - but when I try to create projects or search projects I get this error:


errorMessages: [ ‘You are not authenticated.使用此小程序需要进行验证’ ],

errors: {}


I’ve made sure that the external account is subscribed to Standard plan and also has all the admin permissions set and it still doesn’t work. Are there any steps I’m missing to allow the OAuth bearer token to be used to make Jira REST API calls for users outside my original organization that created the OAuth App?

Welcome to the Atlassian community @AdamElkassas,

I don’t see anything obviously missing from what you’ve explained. The usual missing step is making the app public, which you’ve done. Is your client getting the right information from the accessible-resources to know the right cloudId?