REST API for CQL search with special characters


I use the REST API for CQL search with text~"SomeText" for users to filter custom content and there is an issue if SomeText is replaced with a string containing a special character. For example if I search for Some$Text I can not find content with that exact title. I could observe the same behaviour for other special characters, like @ or #.
But if I search for Some(Text it works and it will return all content containing Some or Text. I think this is the case because the string is tokenized at ( but not at $.

I tried to escape those special characters as it should be done for reserved characters in CQL. But it did not change anything.

Did anyone also come across that issue? Is there a way to escape those special characters for search? Is there also a way to search for such special characters without them getting tokenized away, while still using ~ (CONTAINS)?

This issue seems also to be related, but has no answers yet.

Thanks in advance.