REST API: Get user who performed a transition on an issue

I can’t seem to find the right resource in JIRA’s v2 REST API to retrieve the user who performed a transition.
For instance, who was the user who transitioned FOO-456 through transition with ID of 3? I expected to find it in hte response to $/rest/api/2/issue/FOO-456. Thx.

I’m afraid that’s because it simply doesn’t exist.
But for that matter, the Jira UI doesn’t display it either, and it’s not available in Jira server either.

Thanks, David.
The full screen ticket view in Jira does include this data though at the bottom in the Activity section under the Transitions tab.

Not really. It shows who changed the Status of the issue (showing the “from” and “to” statuses), but not the actual transition (id or name). Which means that:

  • you cannot differentiate between two transitions between the same statuses
  • you won’t see “auto-transitions” (that don’t change the status)

If that’s enough for you, you can find this information in the issue’s changelog, which is an option of the /issue REST endpoint.

Very good points. I’ll work with this to see if I can do what’s needed. Thanks again.