Rest api how to Get properties

jira software 8.3.2
Jira Core 8.3.2

There is a workflow , the name is scriptRefactor.
It has ActionId
	<action id="21" name="order">
          <meta name="jira.description"></meta>
          <meta name="duedate">24</meta>
          <meta name=""></meta>


when i use

I get response:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
    <message>null for uri:;key=duedate&amp;workflowName=scriptRefactor&amp;workflowMode=live</message>

I suspect that action id and workflow id are two different things.

thank. I don’t know what id is

so, i Suggest that the id is Actionid

Thanks a lot

now, I have another way:

def  wf = ComponentAccessor.getWorkflowManager()
def  JiraWorkflow  wfall=  wf.getWorkflow(issue) as JiraWorkflow
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