Rest api Jira - how to get trashed projects, and issues?

Hello! How to get trashed projects, and issues using rest api OAuth2?

Hello @AntiSoundWorld

If by ‘trashed’ you mean ‘deleted’, then the method for finding projects and whether or not they have been deleted is described in the Projects section of the REST API documentation.

Issues that have been deleted no longer exist, so there is nothing to find.


The user interface refers to trash while the API calls it archived. Specifically, if you can get a project paginated with a status parameter, like GET /rest/api/3/project/search?status=archived. That parameter is currently marked EXPERIMENTAL so please do report any problems.

I don’t know if or how an API client can get the issues in an archived project. The point of archiving is to remove the issues from the search index, which I also think prevents them from showing in API-based searches too. I think you might be able to get a result if you have a specific issue key or id. Otherwise, I think projects must be unarchived first.

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