Can’t seem to find any documentation on this so posting as a question.
When using the REST API for my confluence site, is there any limit around rates?

ie. is there a set limit of requests which can be processed per day?

Thanks in advance

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Hi Andrew,

Since it’s server and you’re hosting it we don’t set the rate limit on the REST API. There maybe a rate limit set in your Tomcat server but that is something you would configure.

Hope that helps.

There isn’t a rate limit however there is a max number of requests that can be handled at a time across the Confluence instance ( ). In Confluence 6.1 out of the box this is number is 58 (maxThreads=“48” minSpareThreads=“10” ).

If you’re working on something that everyone on an instance will have up at the same time in the middle of the day, think of the poor administrator before you start polling once a second. 58 is a very generous number for a 25 user instance - if you have a 2000 user license with 500 concurrent users and your addon polls once a second (and takes 500ms to generate data end to end) - You’ll probably hit the cap very quickly and the poor Confluence instance will either be unresponsive or very clunky(note: I’m not speaking theoretically here - I have seen it happen on an instance and the add-on(not my add-on) was uninstalled very quickly and never allowed back on again :frowning: ).