REST API - Mark user notification as read

I am currently working on an integration to provide (important only) details of Jira tickets and all interactions on those for users using Jira Webhooks and REST APIs.

Everything is working fine but whenever the (my) application user interacts with a Jira resource from within the application, I would like to delete (or mark as read) the respective notification (UI notification in the Jira dashboard).

To illustrate through an example:

  • “User A” log-in to the (third-party) application

  • “User A” authorizes the (third-party) application to access its Jira resources (through OAuth) and the web-hooks are set up to receive comments on Jira projects the user is part of

  • “User A” reports a ticket on Jira (or through REST API using the third-party application integration)

  • “User B” comments on the ticket in Jira

  • The webhooks is triggered and the third-party application receives and displays the created comment within a sandbox (or feed) to “User A”

  • “User A” opens and views the comment => At this step the comment should be marked as read and removed (or un-marked) in the user Jira dashboard so whenever he opens up Jira he don’t have to go through the same notification subject again.

Welcome to the Atlassian developer community, @tmarwen.

If I fully understand your needs, you are describing aspects of state management that are unique to your application and unique to resources in Jira (like comments or maybe issues). The tool for that job would be Jira Entity Properties. However, Jira Entity Properties may require you to take the step from “arms-length” integration over OAuth to one of the App frameworks like Connect or Forge.

In any case, I hope it works out. It sounds like a cool use case.