REST API request works in Postman but I get a Timeout with curl

Hello all,
I try to get the list of our Jira user using REST
I tried my request in Postman and it works fine.
But when I use this request in my application or with curl, I get a timeout error…
Do you know why?

my curl command is:
curl -L -X GET -H “Content-Type:application/json” -H “Accept:application/json” -H “Authorization:Basic xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”

Thanks in advance

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we have similar issue, when we hit the API request in POSTMAN or directly in Browser for any GET call, It will give the result immediately But when hit via code using the CURL command it fails with Timeout issue frequently.
please let us know if there is any solution for the same.

Sai Kumar


Did you copy this command from anywhere, or did you type it out manually? I ask because your quotation marks around the headers are smart-formatted quotes, not regular ASCII quotes.