REST API Response Documentation - New Feature Request JRASERVER-65654

Hello Everyone,

We are trying to integrate a non-Atlassian application with JIRA Software using their REST APIs and faced an issue when trying to write a client for the ‘Search Issues’ API.
The JIRA REST APIs documentation - provides a JSON schema for the for the api response but doesn’t provide the following details -

  1. What fields would be returned for an issue.
  2. What are their types?
  3. What are their properties?
  4. Are any of them conditional?
  5. What format would custom fields be returned?

So based on our feedback a new feature request has been created for this but as you all must be aware, it needs to be a popular demand to be picked up and looked at for implementation.

So if you are facing similar issues and/or need the above information kindly go to this link and vote.

Thank you for your support.

Thanks & Regards,