Rest API retrieve JIRA users without addons?

Is there a way to receive (all) JIRA users where addons are excluded?

Using /rest/api/2/groupuserpicker?query=a&excludeConnectAddons=true almost gives me what i need, except for the fact that a wildcard does not work as a value for the ‘query’ parameter.

Just a hunch: maybe using a dot (’.’) as your query value will work.


Try using % instead of a /rest/api/2/groupuserpicker?query=%
This will only work without excludeConnectAddons flag. You can filter then connect add-on users by their keys that contains ‘addon_’, but i’m not sure if that’s all add-on users, mb there is without ‘addon_’ prefix, but i haven’t seen them yet. But with this approach no groups will be listed in response.

You can use /rest/api/2/groupuserpicker?query=%00&excludeConnectAddons=true and you will get users with excluded add-ons but as before, no groups.

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Thanks! /rest/api/2/groupuserpicker?query=%00&excludeConnectAddons=true works great.

Do you guys know how could I add email and accountId in this request? Looks like groupuserpicker is the only way to retrieve users excluding the add-ons, but only returns a few fields.