REST API: STATUS 200, but no response values on card create api request

We are using api requests to create cards in Trello from our mobile app. For some reason, when making api requests, we can create a Board (and get response), create a List (and get response), but when creating a card, we get status 200, but null response.

Hello @SisekoSiwali

I cannot replicate that fault. When I successfully create a new card via the Create a new Card endpoint, I get a 200 response and full JSON response with all the information about the card.

I suggest the fault is with the code of your app and that you should test the request by executing it via a test tool like Postman to confirm this.

HI there, thanks for the quick response. The issue was resolved. It seems we were using an outdated process for the request. For some reason, some of the documentation out there is outdated.