REST API to get all Fields in Jira

Hey Everyone,

I know that we have a REST API to get a list of fields from a Jira Site.
This does work fine and gives an array of field objects.

Is there any API in which I can get fields within a project only instead of the entire site?
For example, I need to be able to get fields of a particular project from the Jira site like the one mentioned below

Or I need to be able to get the type of field mentioned as a result of hitting the above API.
like type:“Epic, Story etc.,”,

        "id": "statuscategorychangedate",
        "key": "statuscategorychangedate",
        "name": "Status Category Changed",
        "custom": false,
        "orderable": false,
        "navigable": true,
        "searchable": true,
**"type":"Epic",** <- like this
        "clauseNames": [
        "schema": {
            "type": "datetime",
            "system": "statuscategorychangedate"

Thanks in advance for any help.


Hello @MohanRaj

Use the Search for Issues using JQL endpoint

Not sure if I understand correctly, but did you check Get fields paginated endpoint? It has more possibility to search for/filter fields.