REST API to Get Customer Request (Issue) by account ID participant

I am looking on REST API for “how to get customer request (issue)” querying by account id which is attached to the issue participant. I’ve looked around the documentation but found nothing could get issue by participant id. any help will very helpful.

Hello @Isa

There is no REST API endpoint in JSM that will get (find) issues based on participants.

You can only get, add or remove participants from a request.

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If you are open to using Jira REST APIs, you can try Search for issues using JQL REST API. You can do something like

GET /rest/api/2/search?jql=project%20=%20{projectName}%20and%20cf[{customId}]%20in%20({accountId})

The customId here is the numerical part of the custom field ID of Request participants; for example, if the ID is customfield_20984, the customId to be used in the JQL above is 20984.

Do let us know if this works for your use case.


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