REST API v2 does not yet offer body.export_view

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We’ve just started to dive into the REST API v2 to see if we can move from v1 to v2 with our app. We found that an important piece is missing:

Our app primarily uses the export_view of pages to create another kind of view of the content. The REST API v2 only offers storage and atlas_doc_format at the moment. I’ve found no way to get the export_view we’re needing, yet the endpoints we are using are already deprecated…

Could anyone give me a heads up if I am missing something, if alternative body-format variants are still in development and if somebody else is aware of the problem? Thank you!

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:wave: I can confirm this format is supported in V1 and not yet supported in V2. We will get this added to V2. Thank you for the feedback here!

Thank you, Simon. We’ll pause our v2 migration attempts until this is available.

On a side note, fetching the content of a page and all its descendants requires quite some endpoint calls in the new API, making it quite slow. Our customers would surely be happy if a “get all descendants with body content” endpoint appears :wink:

Hi @SteffenMueller ! With today’s changelog - you can now fetch the export_view body format from single entity fetch endpoints.

The work for the V2 descendants endpoints is still underway, and in the meantime the recommendation is to continue using the non-deprecated V1 descendant endpoints. Hopefully this helps!

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Great news, thank you @SimonKliewer !

So the migration deadline will be reset to +12 months yeah?

You’re acknowledging lacking parity and an incomplete API, and yet the deadline is still set for Jan 1st.

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We also need this feature in our app.

To my understanding the search api endpoint is not being depreacted. This could be used to effectively replace the get content api by construction a CQL query with ID=XXX:

But this would off course only a useful workaround to get around the deadline. Shouldn’t there be a replacement in V2 available in time.

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