Rest API v3 not working

Hey, I’m working on the JIRA server, and use the REST API v2 and v3.
But, when I use the search API in V3 nothing happened sometimes I get 404 sometimes nothing.
I’m also using the sample curl commands and still same results.
Does anyone know why this happens?
Some v3 APIs are working…

Hello there,

first of all the link you’ve provided is for Cloud, is it possible that it makes a difference?
Second of all, there are many commands that are not found on all versions. An example for this would be render, it is available on REST API 1.0 but not above.

Maybe you can be more specific?


Hi @amitn,

If the V3 APIs work in some cases, it’s more “undocumented feature” than signal there is an actual V3 API. At best, what you may be seeing are experimental features. But more likely, it’s just a poorly implemented URL path filter that correctly accepts 2 and latest, but confusingly accepts 3 (and who knows what else) as version. The big differences (not exhaustive) between Server V2 and Cloud V3 are a new text format called Atlassian Document Format and protection of privacy for user profiles with UUIDs instead of human readable user IDs. To the best of my knowledge, neither of those are coming to Server. The short answer is that if you use known URL paths, we can document expectations about what should happen but we don’t make guarantees about undocumented paths, like api/3.

As mentioned by @Taylan, you have linked to the Cloud REST API documentation. Please refer to the following documentation for Server REST APIs:

Hope that clears up some of the confusion.

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