REST API: What is the correct scope required to create an issue in Jira

We are calling below API to create an issue in JIRA

But this is failing with below error.

{“code”:401,“message”:“Unauthorized; scope does not match”}

We are using accessToken to call this API and the scopes used are
“scope”: “read:jira-work write:jira-work”.

With the same set of scopes, this operation working until recent past (we dont from which date exactly, this started failing)

Is there any change happened in this area recently ? what are the right scopes to be used to call this API ?

This is a bad error from the API (IMO it’s a bug)

It returns 401 if it can’t find the route you are specifying. In this case I believe the trailing slash could be the problem. They recently stopped sanitizing URLs, specifically slashes, double slashes, etc.

Just a hunch, but I would try without the trailing slash and see if you get a proper response.



@JubinMJacob as Adam says, support for lenient URL path processing for OAuth 2.0 requests has being removed. This includes requests with trailing slashes, such as your app’s requests to /rest/api/latest/issue/.

Please see the removal notice and the deprecation notice for more details.

If you are unable to find to troubleshoot your specific case, please submit a support request .


Hi @AdamAhmed @epehrson
Thanks for pointing out that. Its working fine after removing the slash.

May be we should consider returning a different error code/message in this case.

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Agree, 401 is misleading. I assume they generate some pattern based on your scopes and if you request a URL outside that pattern they return 401. They should also generate a pattern for a token that has all scopes and if it falls outside that pattern, return 404 instead.
I also lost time on this a few months ago and when I did I opened a support case. So they also lost time on this. I’m sure we’re not the first. Worth taking the time to return the right code IMO.