REST: asking for project role hangs


I have problem with listing project roles and people within. Maybe you have some smart idea how to workaround this.

I get project roles using this:
GET /rest/api/3/project/{projectIdOrKey}/role

It returns list of roles and URLs which list people within it. Problem is that when I call URL for ‘Service Desk Customers’ role then I get ‘Page unavailable’ response. List of people inside this role is about 1.5k, but I expected that Jira limits all responses to reasonable size and I can use ‘startAt’ parameter to get chunks of data. Am I wrong here?

PS. I reported this to Jira Support, and they asked me to write also here.

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@BogdanSlusarczyk - it doesn’t appear the method /rest/api/3/project/{projectId}/role/{roleId} supports pagination or limits.

I’ve just run some test queries are a high-traffic instance with 3,000+ results using the API method above. It did take about 30 seconds roundtrip, but I never did get an error. Definitely can see how pagination could help with performance. I’ll check to see if this has already been captured as a feature request… and if not, I’ll submit it (and share link to public ticket).

BTW, is your app/client timing out? As I said above, I’ve not had any errors/timeouts when making calls in browser or REST API tool.

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yes, both python script and directly in web browser I get errors. Python says it timed out, browser says ‘Page unavailable’