/rest/atlassian-connect/latest/license endpoint returns 404

Hi team,

Some of our customers’ hosts started to return 404 when our add-on asks for the license information using the (old) endpoint


I know there is a new one


but the new one doesn’t provide the instance number of users. The old license data has the buggy maximumNumberOfUsers. There is an old bug regarding the number of users in the new license data https://ecosystem.atlassian.net/browse/AC-1481


  1. Have you finally removed the /rest/atlassian-connect/latest/license endpoint? It works in some instance, but not in new ones.
  2. What’s the current way to know the host’s number of users, Our addon requires to know the host’s number of users.


Hi guys, I’ve found the problem. 404 in /rest/atlassian-connect/latest/license means the host doesn’t have a license. This is ok. There was a new issue that fired this question. The json payload has an empty string as date creationDateString: “” and this broke some of our clients. We have just fixed this.

I still would like to know if https://ecosystem.atlassian.net/browse/AC-1481 will be eventually fixed so we can update to the new endpoint.