REST Create Bulk Issues not returning anything

I have just found that one of my customers Jira Server REST APIs (bulk issue create) returns to the AJS/JQuery success function but contains no data. It should be returning a list of issues it has created. Has anyone else had this problem?


Hello Paul,

if the problem still persists; may it be an authentication issue (i.e. expired credentials)? I have observed something very similar, Jira API returned 200, without any content, when authentication failed. Have you checked other response headers, log file or access-log file on the server?
I found that similar issue was even reported:

Hope it helps.

Hi @marketajancova

Thanks for the reply.

As far as I understood, the user was currently logged in and the AJS command should have been passing the cookie with authentication. In the end I moved the code to run in Java instead. Got around the problem


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