Restful Table for new Entity that does not yet exist on the server side

i want to create a new entity on the server side that contains a list of fields.
I am thinking of using the Restful Table to choose the fields.
The way i understand the docs the Restful Table send results to a rest service when a change is made.

I think i would have the following problem:

I hit the new button and a form is displayed to create the new entry.
When i now start picking fields using the table there is no entry on the server yet to map the fields to.

Is there a way to have the table write the fields to a JS object instead of a web service?
Otherwise i would have to create a webservice that stores the field choice temporarily on the server side and take the field allocation from there once the user has filled out the whole form and hits “save”.

Thanks in advance

AUI’s Restfultable uses the basic CRUD rest interface - so when you mash the create button, the framework does a POST to the end point that you’ve identified. What that end point does - that’s up to you…

Based on what you’re saying though - I’m wondering if AUI’s Restfultable is a good fit for this because it sounds like you’re doing it all on the client side and then at a later time sending it back to the backend for storage?

I am considering Restful Tables because its the only control i found so far that allows us to define the order of the selected items, im open for other suggestions.

Let me explain the problem for my use case some more.
I am creating a new “share” in the share i want to define which fields should be displayed in the share and in which order.
For example i dont want to create the share on the server side before the user has filled in all fields like e.g. name of the share, password, valid from/to.

I am thinking that it will be less effort to implement a CRUD REST service that does nothing than to configure a Jquery Plugin like JSTree or Fancy Tree.
We can read the configured order from the Dom when we finally save the record