Restrict functionality for trial licenses

For Cloud apps, users can easily abuse trial licenses by repeated evaluations. See

Therefore we would like to restrict the functionality for trial licenses and give full access to all features for active paid licenses to make our users pay for the app they are using.
The problem is that the first 30 days always count as an evaulation period. In my understanding, users cannot buy a paid license until the 30 days have passed, so they cannot use all features of the app, even though they would pay for it.

Questions to app vendors: Does it make sense to limit functionality for a trial license? Is there a proven way to do this?

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My best guess is that this is defined in a vendor agreement and you should not limit features for trial period.

I would invest that time/money into pushing Atlassian to fix the problem.

Not sure that would be the most effective use of your time and money :slight_smile:

Another idea is to keep track of time spent in trial mode and disable features if you detect continuous trial longer than 3 months.