Restrict number of trials for plugins


We have some companies which use a plugin with an “endless” trial license. Basically, it’s possible to re-issue a license every month with a different “user” and each user is able to issue up to 6 licenses.

Is there a way to limit this functionality?


@AndyJames the official course of action is to notify Atlassian via Marketplace Support portal

However, do not expect much to happen with that notification. Alternative options are:

  1. Implement a list of blocked SEN in your app, preferably host SEN. This will require multiple releases, possibly a “phone home” option or even an online approach for validation. This is not a iron clad solution, but it will help you scratch an itch.

  2. Publicly shame them on social media, try to contact senior or executive staff, etc.

  3. Just accept that this is part of the game (highly recommended approach)


Thanks, Remie

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I second @remie .
Unfortunately, if Atlassian and vendors do not anything, I believe that the trend will keep growing and more and more customers will behave like this.
Broken window theory - an ecosystem deteriorates if its participants accept bad behaviours.

I would really appreciate if Atlassian as the owner the Marketplace and custodian of this ecosystem acted and did its best to systemically minimise the number of such behaviours.


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I’m not sure if Atlassian agrees there is a broken window here. I think, unofficially, their view is that in the end the cost (both in terms of effort as well as goodwill) does not outweigh the benefit. And to some extend I agree: we’ve had multiple situations in which apparent evaluation abusers (that evaluated for over a year) eventually converted into paying customers.

In our case, we did contact some CEO and implemented our own protection but nothing as fancy as what Remi said. CEO of larger companies are not aware of this and act quickly to pay the licenses. Many converted, most stopped using the app and a very few figured out how to get past the protection and in those few cases, they then deserve to abuse us :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

That is for on-premise. I really doubt that DC customers will ever do that so at this stage of the game, for on-prem, I would do nothing and assume that it’s part of the game.