Restricted email addresses in Basic Auth

Now we want to find authorization method, which allows to collect non-public emails of users. Connect apps is not suitable for us. And OAuth 2.0 does not allow to get these emails. Can I will get non-public emails if I use Basic Auth?

Hi @AnnaSuslova. Using basic auth against a personal API token does not give you access to non-public emails, even if the the account (with the token) has admin access on the Jira instance. The only time that an email address is returned in API responses is if the user has indicated that they would like to either make their email address visible to Anyone or to the site’s Organization (in their Profile and visibility settings).

The only way to programmatically obtain email addresses is with a Connect app that has Email API permissions. Non-programatically, email addresses can be obtained by site admins using the user exporter at


is it necessary to publish app in the marketplace in this case?

It is not necessary to have an app published in the Marketplace in order to get access to the Email API. That being said, your app must meet all of the requirements mentioned here.