Retrieve Tempo data in worklog webhook

Our goal is to retrieve worklog data via webhook (in real time) including some Tempo specific data like worklog attributes.
The default Jira webhook delivers worklog data without the Tempo attributes.
So we tried the following:

  1. Jira webhook delivers worklog data including jira worklog id
  2. Try to retrieve the missing Tempo data by using the Tempo API
  3. Combine the Jira webhook worklog data with the data coming from the Tempo API

Problem: The Tempo API expects the Tempo worklog id which is not the same as the Jira worklog id given by the initial webhook

Does anyone know how we can reach our goal? Get the worklog data including Tempo attributes in real time? May there be a way to use Jira Automation to create a custom webhook which returns the desired data?

Thanks in advance for any hints!

Hi @JosahWeber, welcome to the community!

While it is impossible to get Tempo’s attributes for a worklog using just the Jira worklog id in the latest version of their API (v4), it is possible in v3.

You can use the /worklogs/jira/{jiraWorklogId} to get the Tempo attributes using a Jira worklog id: REST API documentation.


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Hi @SamuelZhang, thanks for your quick answer! It solved the problem and we were able to get the data we wanted.

Do you know how long v3 will be supported? Wouldn’t be great if Tempo announces v3 won’t work anytime soon.

Hi @JosahWeber, great to hear that it worked for you!

Unfortunately, I don’t know if/whether Tempo will deprecate v3 of their API. You can reach out to Tempo here: Atlassian Marketplace