Retrieve Tempo worklogs attribute from another plugin (from java)

Is there a way to retrieve the worklog attributes for a specific Tempo worklog from my own Jira plugin?

My plugin is a servlet listening on worklog events :

  • Worklog created (EventType.ISSUE_WORKLOGGED_ID)
  • Worklog updated (EventType.ISSUE_WORKLOG_UPDATED_ID)
  • Worklog deleted (EventType.ISSUE_WORKLOG_DELETED_ID)

My plugin is already working but I’ve been asked to add a feature which prevent the listener’s action from being executed when a specific Tempo worklog attribute is checked (this attribute is a checkbox).

I searched for a tempo maven dependency or something similar which would allow me to access and use the Tempo’s Java API from my plugin. All I’ve found is to retrieve the Tempo’s jar from the server and add this jar as a system dependency to my plugin but it’s not a very good solution for many reasons so I’m not going to use this solution until there isn’t any better solution available.

So I thought maybe I could call the Tempo REST API but I’m wondering how do I know if my plugin’s listener is going to be called before the Tempo’s listener? Is there, for example, a way to specify the execution order of the listeners?

Or is there a better way to do what I’m trying to do?

Note: I’m using Jira Server (not cloud) version 7.12.1.