Return Application version release notes

I’m trying to grab the version release notes for every new version that appears on the release notes page, for example:

I see that there’s a marketplace API that has a version call, but doesn’t include release notes:

Anyone have any ideas on how to approach this? Thanks.

You can use
This includes a link to the release notes!

Thank you for the response! But this only includes 6.4.14 and below. I’d need the most recent one. Also, is there a REST API for

Oh sorry, they split it up after 6.4.14.

Jira Core

Jira Software

Jira Service Desk

There is no Rest API, but these JSON files will give you everything your need in terms of released versions, downloads, release notes, etc.

Got it. May I ask how you knew these json files existed? Is there any documentation on them or possibly other files as well?

Thank you so much by the way.

Well… I was working on and needed a source for the current versions. I started looking at the downloads page on (for instance and noticed that they populate the list from these JSON files, which are just publicly available. They are not documented, as I don’t think these are supported resources. But it works :man_shrugging: