ReviewService.getCommentResolution(PermId) throws NotPermittedException if user has not "Comment" permission

Hi there,

I’m developing REST service for Crucible, and I need to get resolution of the comment:

PermId commentPermId = new PermId<>(cId); 
CommentResolutionData commentResolution = reviewService.getCommentResolution(commentPermId);

The call of “CommentResolutionData commentResolution = reviewService.getCommentResolution(commentPermId);” throws NotPermittedException, when the effective user has not “Comment (Ability to add or remove a comment on a review.)” permission.

But if this user try to get comment - all is right, he can get it without any exceptions:

CommentData comment = reviewService.getComment(commentPermId);

It is a strange behavior, because this user can see a comment and its resolution through the web interface, and can get comment with Java API, but can get resolution of this comment with Java API.
And there is no JavaDocs for this method.

Is this a bug or I missed something? Is there any workaround?