Run plugin dev on hosted server


I am trying to develop a Jira plugin using the rest API and the dev environment it provides on localhost:2990/jira is not sufficient. After start up with atlas-run, it requires me to re-enable Jira Software frequently, runs very slowly (takes about 2 minutes to interact with anything such as change page), and removes the test projects/tasks I create. To combat this, I am trying to use a hosted server, eg The options I have tried to get this running are below:

  • atlas-run --server servaddr:8444/jira
  • atlas-run --server servaddr(no https) --http-port 8444
  • atlas-run --server servaddr(no https)
  • atlas-run --server servaddr --http-port 8444
  • atlas-run --server servaddr

(Replaced with servaddr as the post is limited to a number of links)

Some of these get it to run on the correct port but it is still on localhost, and I still have the same issues.

Does anyone know what I am doing wrong or any other way to get it to run on the specified server?