Running Confluence Cloud Addon atlassian-connect-express - PostgreSQL database schema


In the config.json file there’s a production section for store, which points to a postgres database.

// You won't want to use the memory store in production, or your install
// registrations will be forgotten any time your app restarts.  Here
// we tell atlassian-connect-express to use the PostgreSQL backend for the default
// JugglingDB adapter.
 "type": "postgres",
 "url": "$DATABASE_URL"

I couldn’t find any documentation on what this is … or what the database schema should be. I want to deploy my Addon to production but I dont want to use sqlite or memory.

Any tips on what the schema is and what the database is for?


Hi @joao.correia,

the DATABASE_URL variable looks like this (for postgres):


ACE will create a table called AddonSettings when you first execute it, so you don’t need to do anything but create the database and credentials.

Another hint: You should update your Atlassian Connect Express library to a more recent version, like 3.1.0.
This squashes a couple of security bugs because jugglingdb is no longer used. You’ll then have to change the store sections of your config.json file according to the new readme a little bit. Concretely, it should afterwards look like that:

        "store": {
          "dialect": "postgres",
          "url": "$DATABASE_URL"

Hope this helps!

Hi @tobitheo thank you, it works now.

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after adding the above suggestion its creating the new table in my database and storing client details.

Next process i have to create some more table how to do that any example or sample code do you have ?

I am new with cloud app development your small help can save my so many hours.