Sahring app after privatly listing in marketplace

Hi there,

I have published server app, and now I privately listed new version of app which support cloud (Forge) in Atlassian market. But before I publish this new cloud version publicly, I need to give access to a few users to test the app. Since I already privately listed cloud version, I can not share it via console anymore

What are my options now, if I need to share this app with few users?
Does Forge support token access? Or what else I can do?

Thank you for any advice.

Hi Jan,

Not on the team the deals with app distribution but I might be able to help
Does the forge install still work for you?
If it does you may still install the app onto any site you are an admin on.
Does this help with your development?


Ho @JoshuaHwang,

thanks for your response. I am aware of forge install but I need to install plugin for few users on sites where I am not an admin.
Do you know how to do it?

To my knowledge it’s no longer possible to distribute the app beyond the the forge install and distribution link/marketplace.

Is there a reason you need to provide the app to test users when you won’t be an admin yourself? Features like forge tunnel also won’t be available to help debugging.

HI @JoshuaHwang,

I want to be able to distribute the app via link, but because I already listed a version of this app (privately) this function is disabled. And before make this version public, I want to give access to a few users (via link, since these users are out of our organization) to test the plugin.

The solution what I found is to remove this app from listing, I already created ticket for that, so hopefully some will help me with that.
Do you know how long can take request like that?

Thank you

Hi @janambroz

I’m from the team that owns App Distribution :grinning:
On the Distribution page in Developer Console, we have a panel that explains that after an app has a license in the manifest or has been listed on Marketplace it can no longer be shared via an installation link.

The reasoning behind this is that if a customer installs a licensed app through direct distribution, they would be charged after the 30 day evaluation period which they may not be aware of.

The removal of the listing from Marketplace won’t activate the installation link so our current suggestion is to create a new duplicate, unlicensed version of the app and use it to create an installation link via the Developer Console. You can then share this link with those users out of your organisation.