SAL javadoc artefacts

Hi -

I’m looking for javadoc for Shared Access Layer (SAL) artefacts.

Our new editor can make use of published javadoc to show it inline, example:

However we can’t find uptodate published docs for any SAL artefact. Example, in jira 8 there is sal-trust-api:4.0.0, but the latest published version is from 5 years ago: Index of ./sal-trust-api

Another example: | Shared Access Layer POM - that is 2.6, but the latest version is 4.4 or 5 or something.

So my request is to publish SAL javadoc to your documentation site in the same way normal app java API is published.

I discussed this with @bentley at Teams22 and he recommended I tag @TomaszPrus (on the basis that Tomasz publishes the EAP notifications, and knows about the build process or who to point me to).

cheers, jamie


Hi @jechlin. I’ve sent your question to the team. We will get back to you soon.