Saving and indexing arrays in entity properties


From the Atlassian documentation and based on other forum entries, Jira Cloud plugins cannot add new JQL functions and to achieve similar goals we need to use Entity Properties.

For our use case, an issue entity property may have many values. We could successfully implement it by setting an array of strings instead of a single string as a value. Example:

  "values": [

Although this works for both setting the property and searching for single values, this feature (the ability to set and search for array properties) is not documented anywhere in the Jira Cloud development documentation.

I wonder if anyone in Jira’s development team could confirm if this is an acceptable use of the entity properties (setting an array of strings) and if we can rely on it to build our plugin.

Thanks in advance,


Hi Bruno,

My team owns entity properties and I can confirm that we support saving & searching arrays of strings. This feature is commonly used by vendors, we are not going to change anything in that area, so you can safely build your app based on this.



Thanks Beata