Saving data from a crowd plugin UI

I’ve got a plugin that I’ve written that brings in JSON that I can parse with the underlying java code. I then create groups based on this JSON object. I want to have a UserAuthenticatedListener calling a class to add/remove users from groups created by the JSON object.

I’m confused as to the best method to “Save” the groupIDs (and other data) created by my JSON so that I can access this data when my custom class is notified by the UserAuthenticatedListener. The only thing I can think of is customizing the description and then going through all the groups to find my custom groups but this seems horribly wrong.

The UserAuthenticatedListener is calling a simple class that logs the user currently. Because this class doesnt extend HttpServlet, I cannot access the PlugginSettingsFactory.

Are there good docs on saving/accessing data that a plugin needs to function, outside of the REST JavaScript context?

I extended HttpServlet in my listener and was able to retrieve the values that I am containing in my config UI. This resolves my issue, as funky as it feels.