Scaling for Forge apps

Hello everyone,
How does scaling for Forge apps work on Jira?


What scaling you mean? Like more app-usage / users / JIRA instances using your app? Or larger data sizes?
I assume that you mean more app usage / installs / users for your forge app:

We’ll, for the Forge parts, Atlassian/AWS should take care of the scaling.
Each forge function is its own little isolated instance. If the load increases, these more AWS machines are uses to run all the forge functions.

Note, any API Rest APIs you call might have rate limits on them.

And, if you call your own service from a Forge app, then you will need to handle the increasing load.


Thank you @RomanStoffel for the response.
I meant in terms of the app usage, that is ok, but also in terms of data size that the Forge app stores.
What if the total amount of data per-installation exceeds the limit?

The quotas and limits are documented here: Platform quotas and limits. The “Apps exceeding quotas or limits” section explains what can happen if your app exceeds any limits. Note that there’s only a total storage limit (based on the total number of seats that have your app installed) and no per-installation limit.