Scheduled Job in Jira 8

Hi everyone,
We are trying to make a job-config plugin.
We implemented the Interface JobRunner like this
import javax.inject.Named;
import java.util.Map;

public class MyJobRunner implements JobRunner {
public JobRunnerResponse runJob(JobRunnerRequest request) {
return null;

and the atlassian-plugin.xml is confgured like this:

and the pom.xml has this properties:

But this part of the add-on isn’t enable and the log doesn’t give us any information.
Can someone please help us =)

Hi Folino,
I’m trying to build a scheduled job as you in Jira 8. Did you solve your issues?
I don’t find any updated guide on how to do it, can you help me.

Hi Luca,
I achieved to make the scheduler first implements the class JobRunner as

public class MyJob implements JobRunner

Then we implemented another class call LifecycleAware and imported do something like that:

public class Schedule implements LifecycleAware {

    private SchedulerService schedulerService;

    private MyJob myJob;

    public Schedule(SchedulerService schedulerService,MyJob myJob){
        this.schedulerService = schedulerService;
        this.myJob = myJob;


    public void onStart() {
        try {
            //JobConfig jobConfig = JobConfig.forJobRunnerKey(JobRunnerKey.of("jobRun")).withSchedule(Schedule.forCronExpression("0 5 * * * ?"));

            JobConfig jobConfig = JobConfig.forJobRunnerKey(JobRunnerKey.of("myJob")).withSchedule(Schedule.forCronExpression("0 0 5  * * ?"));
        } catch (SchedulerServiceException e) {

Substantially, you need to call the key of the class JobRunner in the LifecycleAware onStart methods.

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Thank you very much.
I started to build my job as a service because I find it more useful to have it configurable on the admin page.

Thanks anyway for your precious information.

Best regards,