Scheduled trigger has no access to storage api


I’m seeing inconsistent behavior when invoking the same function from within forge app and through the scheduled trigger, when it comes to retrieving from storage.


Forge app - for instance when clicking a button in UI via onClick={await fetchTips()}:

export async function fetchTips() {
  var value = await storage.get('field123')
  console.log(value) // shows "XXXXXX" in log

Scheduled trigger for fetchTips:

// shows "undefined" in log

What I see here is that somehow Forge app and scheduled trigger do not have the same level of access to storage. I used this functionality a lot in the past and it worked fine, now I wonder if there were any changes recently? Any ideas why the scheduled trigger can’t retrieve the same storage entry that the app can?


Hi @IgorAndriushchenkp,

From your description it sounds like it’s an unexpected behaviour.
There shouldn’t have been any changes recently that should cause this behaviour.

Could you provide some more details about what your scheduled trigger look like?