Scheduled trigger or function to store data in all storages

hi team, I created a scheduled trigger

export async function scheduledTrigger(event) {
    const key = 'count'; // Key to store the count

    // Retrieve the existing count from storage
    const existingCount = await storage.get(key);

    // Calculate the new count (increment by 1)
    const newCount = (existingCount || 0) + 1;

    // Store the updated count back into storage
    await storage.set(key, newCount);

    console.log(`Count updated. New count: ${newCount}`);

in my index.js file and when I install the app in any of my accounts like
any of these accounts it creates a storage with that key
similarily I want to create a function

const data = async (key, newValue) => {
    // Check if the key exists in storage
    const existingValue = await storage.get(key);

    if (existingValue) {
        // Find the maximum key value in existingValue
        const maxKey = existingValue.reduce((max, obj) => Math.max(max, obj.key), -1);
        // Increment the max key value by one to generate a new key
        const newKey = maxKey + 1;
        // Update the key field of each item in newValue
        newValue.forEach(item => item.key = newKey);
        // Push the new data into existingValue
        // Update the storage with the modified existingValue
        await storage.set(key, existingValue);
        // console.log(`Updated data for key ${key}:`, existingValue);
        return { key: key, data: existingValue };
    } else {
        // If the key doesn't exist, set the key field of each item in newValue to 0
        newValue.forEach(item => item.key = 0);
        // Set the key-value pair in storage
        await storage.set(key, newValue);
        //console.log(`Created new key-value pair for key ${key}:`, newValue);
        return { key: key, data: newValue };

which updates the storage after an hour interval for all the accounts , how can I achieve it ?

for now I am invoking the data function from my App.js file but I want it to be scheduled to update each hour , please help