Scheduled trigger supported values

For the Scheduled Trigger, what are the supported values for the interval property?

scheduledTrigger property interval ‘second’ allowed values are ‘hour’, ‘day’, ‘week’

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When will smaller interval values be supported? Will it be during the beta or in GA?

For the Forge app we are developing a max scheduled trigger frequency of hourly does not support the use case of our app. It is a significant limitation.

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@AngusGordon - the Scheduled trigger has been out of beta since 5 May 2021 and indeed currently only supports the values mentioned by @HemanthKodandarama above:

The scheduledTrigger module repeatedly invokes a function on a scheduled interval. Each trigger is scheduled to start shortly after it is created, about 5 minutes after app deployment. It then runs based on the configured interval hour , day or week .

Please watch and vote for the following issue to raise Atlassian’s priority for more flexible and/or granular triggers: