scheduledTrigger in Jira Forge

Hi Community,

I’m working on a development where my app needs to run on user selected time since this is not possible I’m using scheduledTrigger with hour interval.

But it is making more complex as it picks the time after 5 mins of deployment and continues with that time going further.

I would like to scheduledTrigger should work in every hour starting like 1, 2,etc instead of 1.39 and so

How I can achieve this in Forge development? any help or guidance would be much appreciated


Hi Leo,

sadly, you can’t really configure the exact time the scheduledTrigger should trigger.
It will trigger sometime in that hour.
In one of my own apps, I wanted to see if there is any pattern, so I saved the system time in the triggerFunction. But sometimes it happens in the 10th minute of the hour. Sometimes in the 59th…
I know the documentation says something else:

Distribution is done by installations, so not all installations of an app will have their triggers invoked together. This is however a consistent distribution, meaning that if an hourly trigger invokes at 1:10 for a particular installation, and at 1:20 for another, those installations will invoke again at 2:10 and 2:20 respectively.

But in my cloud environment this was never the case.


Thanks Adrian, but without this flexibility i may not be able to complete my plugin. let me look for any workarounds. if you could share workarounds you used in your use case(if any) would be much helpful