Script errors when displaying Confluence page in .NET WebBrowser control


We have created a support page hosted on the Confluence cloud. When our users request support information from inside of our .NET application, we display the Confluence web page in a WebBrowser control embedded inside of a windows form. The url is: SMS

This was working fine until last week, when we got reports that the page was no longer being displayed. Instead we are seeing four script errors similar to the following:

Clicking through the script errors does nothing to correct the display issue. Setting the ScriptErrorsSuppressed property to true will suppress the errors but the page still does not display content. If the url is opened in Chrome or IE 11 browser directly then it displays properly. Other web pages, including Jira and this site, display correctly in the WebBrowser control. We are using the standard System.Windows.Forms.WebBrowser component in Visual Studio 2013, .NET Framework 4.6, but have tested this using VS 2017, with .NET Frameworks up to 4.8.

We contacted the support desk and we were told that the WebBrowser control was not a supported browser ( and that we should post this information the developer community to see if anyone had a suggestion or possible solution.

Has something changed recently in the Confluence cloud hosting environment that could have caused this issue? Is this related to our content in some way? Does the WebBrowser control display anyone else’s Confluence page correctly?

Thank you!