Script to Automate Issue Move to Another Project (Shared Scheme)

I know that there is not a public API for moving issues. The fact that it is not public is mentioned in various other posts. In my case, all the issues would be moving to a project with shared schemes to remove any issue type/workflow/field conflicts (for automatic confirmations).

Does anyone have a hack, script, or pointers they can share? That is, to assist going after the methods using making calls via Non-public endpoints.

I am trying to solve the problem where other bulk and import methods do not control the order of the destination keys (for example Epics may be imported first which may screw up key order which is important in my case).

The manual method, moving one by one, works to keep the order but is very tedious for larger issue counts.

Thanks in advance! Any pointer is greatly appreciated!

Hi @PeteDunham,

Have you had any luck with this? Are you still needing assistance from the community?